And then they were mine (at last!)

Ever since I first laid eyes on these babies I was determined they would end up in my shoe collection. And now they have! Manillusion has signed an exclusive deal with the Vivienne Westwood line made by Melissa.

The shoes are all rubber, smells delicious and is surprisingly comfortable to wear.


Launch party for TagOslo

Yesterday, I went to the TagOslo launch party at a beautiful little shop in Skovveien, called MagMaLou. Chocolate dipped strawberries and bubbly made sure everybody had a good time. :wink: I went there together with my hubby Knut, my boss – Lise, Rockabully-Tonje and Mette. Here we are at the photo wall (Knut lost and had to take the picture).

TagOslo is the new Norwegian shoe brand I blogged about last week. And my shop, Manillusion, is getting some awesome shoes and boots in a couple of weeks! Yay! And we had to order two new models yesterday. They’re just so damn goodlooking and the leather is in excellent quality.

A bunch of Norwegian celebs aslo went to the launch yesterday, like actress Pia Tjelta, popstarlet Tone Damli Aaberge, singer and designer Mira Craig, actor Henrik Thodesen and his girlfriend Charlotte Thorstvedt.

Good luck, TagOslo. I think you’ve already made a lot of new customers. And more to come! Btw – I really want the light green boots from the Spring collection! ;)

Before we went home, we had a drink at Monarkiet, which is about 200m from Manillusion. And I got hungry, so we stopped by Illegal Burger before we went to bed. That is, by far, the best burger in town!

Check out Rockabully or Manillusion blog for more pictures.

Magical Movie Moments – Moods of Norway

Yesterday was the Moods of Norway runway show at Oslo Fashion Week. I went in my own design – a croc bodysuit, necklace from Tatty Devine and my brand new Alexander McQueen boots. Needless to say – I created quite a stirr at the party. :wink:

I was there with my friend (and boss), Lise, and together we rocked the joint pretty hard. And I am SO thrilled they had both popcorn AND candyfloss! (And ofc, loads of champagne!)

We met lots of gorgeous, beautiful, fun and interesting people there; like the designers themselves (of course), Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan – Ingeborg Heldal (who wore a dress and jacket from Manillusion. Yay!), Elisa Røtterud from Cosmpolitan, Marianne Jemtegård from TV2, fashionista/model/actress Fumi Desalu-Vold, party planner Ronnie Ottem and his hubby Eirik, stylist and makeup artist Stephan Ulvund Øien and his boyfriend Kassem and many many more. ;)



.. and now I can die happy!

It’s only been 3 days since I posted the following: “Give me a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes, pumps or boots and I will die happy! <3 ”

Today, just before I finished work, my boyfriend came into the shop with a bag for me. Inside I found these:

And truly – now I can die happy! I have the greatest boyfriend EVER (and not only because he bought me these) AND I have a pair of brand new Alexander McQueen boots with wings! :grin: :grin: :grin:

And I will, of course, take these babies out for a spin at the Moods Of Norway runway show at Oslo Fashion Week tonight! I’m the girl with the biggest smile and the prettiest shoes! ;)

New Norwegian shoe brand: TagOslo

Today I went to the showroom of a brand new Norwegian shoe brand – TagOslo.

About a year ago, Tonje Damli and Frode Gåsland, decided to found their own shoe label and design their own shoes. Gåsland has been working with shoes for over 15 years and has a lot of experience, contacts etc in the business. He currently lives in Spain, where the shoes are manufactured – in genuine quality leather.

Their first collection is launching next week and includes six different models.  In Oslo there are now 3 shops that will be selling TagOslo. And I think it’s so cool that Manillusion is one of those 3! Yay! I will most definitely get myself a pair of the studded boots. And probably the ones with glitter. And the tall ones.. ;)

I think it’s so awesome that we get a new Norwegian shoe brand. And I think it’s even better that the shoes are made in such good quality leather. TagOslo has, in one collection, created all the shoes and boots that I’ve been missing from the Norwegian stores. For years!

I wish you guys all the best and I can’t wait for the shoes to arrive in our shop in a couple of weeks! :D

Here’s a couple of photos from the upcoming TagOslo collection. And a picture of me with Tonje from TagOslo. :)

In addition to their own shoe label, TagOslo are the sole distributor of some other brands in Norway. A couple of them wowed me completely! Like the all-rubber Vivienne Westwood pumps! OMG! They come in many different colour schemes, are pretty light and feels awesome on the foot!

I will most definitely get me a pair or two of those as well! It’s an amazing concept – you can just hose off your shoes when you get home. And it doesn’t matter if it starts to rain when you’re out. ;)

Exposision Fetish

This is one of my favourite exhibitions ever. And I just realised I missed it in London (exhibition ended July 9th). :-(

It’s the collaboration between the amazing David Lynch and Christian Louboutin. I’m sure you’ve read about it years ago and have seen all the photographs before. But I will never grow tired of looking at them. So here they are again! Enjoy, peeps!