New York – 1975

I simply LOVE this photograph of Elsa Peretti taken by the amazing Helmut Newton. New York, 1975 for French Vogue.

Elsa Peretti is an Italian jewellery designer, and has designed many of Tiffany’s best-selling items including the famous ‘teardrop’ necklaces and ‘thumb’ vases in white.

Tronsmo’s backyard sale = Winning!

Every year, Oslo’s most awesome bookshop has this huge backyard sale. If you’re not able to find ONE book there that you want to buy, there’s something wrong with you!

I usually head for the photography section, because Tronsmo has the largest and most interesting photo book selection in Oslo. And the yearly backyard sale always offer a bunch of them for half the price (or less).

I went today with my friend Kris, and she ended up buying two bags full of amazing stuff. So now she has to buy another book case to store them in :razz:

To top of the day, Kris bought me a Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial! Thank you, honeybuns! :wink:

My most precious books from today’s sale:

Roger Ballen – Photographs 1969-2009. He’s known for his dark and disturbing photograps. And they truly are dark and disturbing. Even for me! If you like Die Antwoord, check out their video “I Fink U Freeky”. Roger Ballen has directed that video and has used lots of his own images as inspiration for the video. Check them all out!

Harmony Korine – Pigxote. Harmony Korine is an american film director, producer, screenwriter and author. He wrote the script for the movie Kids (1995) and wrote/directed Gummo (1997), which is one of the weirdest and most disturbing films I’ve ever seen. And of course I loved it! :D The book, Pigxote, brings together forty-nine photographs from Korine’s private archive. Check him out – check out Gummo. And he’s even directed a short movie with Die Antwoord – “Umshini Wam”. It’s awesome!

Dave Cooper – Overbite / Dave Cooper – Underbelly. Overbite is a hardcover art book featuring over 40 of Cooper’s gorgeous oil paintings, each focusing on the female form. Underbelly is a hardcover art book featuring over 50 of Cooper’s luminescent oil paintings and lush drawings, each focusing on the female form. I love these paintings! <3

Here’s Die Antwoord video I Fink U Freeky – directed by Roger Ballen:

And the short film directed by Harmony Korine:


Gregory Crewdson: In a lonely place

Earlier this summer I went to Stenersenmuseet to check out the Gregory Crewdson exhibition. I love his photographs and was really curious about seeing them in big format. And I wasn’t disappointed! The exhibition ended on Aug 12th, so you really missed out if you didn’t go.

It was really interesting to see the 20 min documentary/interview with Crewdson. He builds up his photographs like others build a complete movie set. It can take up to 6-8 months to prepare for just ONE photo. Check him out on the web. These are truly beautiful photographs that tell multiple stories.

Here are some of my fave’s from Gregory Crewdson:

Exposision Fetish

This is one of my favourite exhibitions ever. And I just realised I missed it in London (exhibition ended July 9th). :-(

It’s the collaboration between the amazing David Lynch and Christian Louboutin. I’m sure you’ve read about it years ago and have seen all the photographs before. But I will never grow tired of looking at them. So here they are again! Enjoy, peeps!