30 Minute Love Affair

I love the style of this British fiesty woman. And I love the videos. The music doesn’t always work for me, but the visual elements are enough to make me watch them – over and over again.

I’m talking about Paloma Faith, of course. Just take a look at this amazing video for the INXS cover “Never Tear Us Apart” and you’ll be cheering with me ;)

And these two videos are also filled with awesomeness:

I also love this song, “30 Minute Love Affair”, it’s got a great 90s feel to it. You’ll be singing it in the shower before you know it ;)

Jeremy Scott – Even Karl approves!

Now that we’re almost halfway through Oslo Fashion Week, I want to post some of the designs from Jeremy Scott. He’s an amazing designer who started his runway career in Paris and has since shown collections in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, London, Moscow and Seoul.

In 2008 he started a collaboratin with Adidas for a bunch of sneakers and apparel (i.e. the winged high tops and the teddy bear sneakers).

But when he designed the sneakers with shackles, he was met with criticism and was accused of racism. So Adidas decided to cancel the release of these sneakers.

He also made the futuristic stewardess outfit for Britney Spears in her music video “Toxic”.

He’s made magnificent pieces for all the biggest celebrities. Like the “Mickey Mouse”-suit Lady Gaga wears in the “Paparazzi”-video.

But I also love his runway work. Like these ones, which are from different collections.

Check out his collections here.

And if you should still be in doubt about Scott’s fashion cred, you’re part of a sorry dwindelling crowd: Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld has appointed Jeremy Scott as the only designer that could possibly ever succeed him as head designer for Chanel. So there! :razz: