Another Christmas wish (for the Christmas I’m not celebrating..)

I’ve drooled over these items for a couple of years now. And I’m still dreaming about them. So – where are you, o’ filthy rich stranger with an urge to spoil a Norwegian girl rotten with Atsuko Kudo garments? ;)


Atsuko Kudo – the ONLY latex haute couture designer

6 years ago I went to this little shop on Holloway Road in London, to get my wedding dress custom made. Little did I know then about all the fuzz this little lady would be making and that she would be featured in all the biggest fashion magazines 5 years later.

Atsuko Kudo designed my wedding dress, choker, hat and gloves. And even a pair of panties. All made in rubber, of course, with the most beautiful details!

Here’s a couple of pictures from our wedding. My hubby also wore custom rubber clothes, of course ;)

Since then, Lady Gaga has appeared multiple times in Atsuko Kudo. And every week I see a new garment in Vogue Paris, Vogue Italy, S Magazine, W Magazine, Tirade Magazine, Tush Magazine (and the list just goes on and on).

I think that Atsuko Kudo is the only haute couture latex/rubber designer worth mentioning. The others never quite succeed in making clothes that look like fashion/haute couture.

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Steven Klein just did a series of photographs with Linda Evangelista for W Magazine. They’re super awesome! ;)