Maia molests Berlin

Instagram can be so much fun! And especially when you come up with your own hashtag. Just look at my “maiamolestsberlin”-tag! It actually inspired some other Instagram users to start their own “molesting spree”, which I find quite amusing. :)

Maia molests Berlin

True Norwegian Black Metal

Well – it is. And I love it.

Darkthrone is by far my favourite black metal band. And it’s really frustrating trying to buy band merch when you’re a tiny metal chick and all you really want is a tank top with your favourite band..

But, luckily, there’s the interwebs. And I found this amazing little dress w/hood – with Darkthrone’s Transilvanian Hunger. Thank you, Hell Couture. I am SO a returning customer. ♥

BTW – Darkthrone is releasing their 15th studio album on February 25th – The Underground Resistance. ;)