I’m in a Nemi comic strip!

Today’s Nemi comic strip is actually based on one of my Facebook statuses from this summer. Although Lise Myhre, the creator of Nemi, wasn’t with me when it happened, she has captured the awkwardness of the moment I described in the status.

I ♥ IT!

Here’s the jist of my FB status:
Cashier at Vinmonopolet (local wine shop): Are you punk? (The meaning of this in Norway is a person who subscribes to the punk subculture, not a brat or a hoodlum.)
Me: No.
Cashier at Vinmonopolet (local wine shop): Mkay…

Check out the comic strip here. Did you know you can buy Nemi in many different languages? It’s awesome! And especially today ;)

I was probably wearing something like this when the incident occured: