Happy b-day, Mr Bowie!

I know it was yesterday. But I am taking an extra day with Mr Bowie. ;)
I can’t believe he’s the same age as my dad – 66 years old – and still looks awesome!

I SO want the Bowie leggings from Charles of London. Of course we have them at Manillusion. Which means I’m drooling over them every day. I just know they’re coming home with me some day soon.

Another Christmas wish (for the Christmas I’m not celebrating..)

I’ve drooled over these items for a couple of years now. And I’m still dreaming about them. So – where are you, o’ filthy rich stranger with an urge to spoil a Norwegian girl rotten with Atsuko Kudo garments? ;)


L.A. Roxx

I simply LOVE the bodysuits made by L.A. Roxx. They have been customizing leather for years now, and have made several outfits for Lady Gaga. And now me!

The sleeveless body with hood and croctail is designed by me and sewn by L.A. Roxx. ;)

The only shop in Norway that sells L.A. Roxx is Manillusion in Oslo.