Oslo Fright Fest 2012

** Edited 18.09.12: **
Oslo Fright Fest has been postponed. New dates will be announced later, within a month or two.

The second edition of Oslo Fright Fest will be held at Vika Kino this year. This means 3 movie theaters ram packed with horror, gore, sci-fi and madness. Yay! Can’t wait!

I’ve seen a couple of the movies they will be screening, like Army Of Darkness, Hora and Livide.

Livide is a beautiful yet quirky little movie, made by the directors of Inside (a really gruesome French home-invasion movie. If you haven’t seen Inside – shame on you!) Check out the trailer for Livide here, if you dare :mrgreen:

And check out the complete list of movies here. I’m really looking forward to Dredd, Excision, Inside The Whore and watching Livide on a big screen!

See ya there? :wink:

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