Suicide Chapter – Oslo Roller Derby Support

Wow! We did it.

We’ve actually created a support crew for Oslo Roller Derby. And we’ve already reached over 120 likes on our Facebook page. :D

Check it out. And check out the website. Lots of fun stuff to come!

The logo is done by me. And the cleanup work is done by Ravn. Thank you so much!


The Perfect Halloween

Yesterday was the Perfect celebration of Halloween. With my best friends!

This is the jack o’ lantern I made yesterday. It shows, if you haven’t guessed it already, the mask of Michael Myers, the perfect horror movie monster ever (!). I’m quite pleased with the carving.

Fun fact: The mask used in John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) was actually a Captain Kirk (William Shatner’s character in Star Trek) mask turned inside out.

Here’s a movie of all our jack o’ lanterns.

Our annual jack o lantern parade

This year we watched the following movies:

  • Halloween (1978, Dir: John Carpenter)
  • Halloween II (1981, Dir: Rick Rosenthal)
  • Trick ‘R Treat (2007, Dir: Michael Dougherty)
  • Halloween (2007, Dir: Rob Zombie)
  • Halloween II (2009, Dir: Rob Zombie)

I LOVE Halloween!

Kamille Magazine No. 21 2012

Yesterday I bought my first issue of the Norwegian lifestyle magazine “Kamille”. Why, you wonder? The answer is, of course, because I’m in it! ;)

Every month Manillusion invites to a customer night. Two hours of champagne, shopping, new items and sometimes really good deals. Last August, the Norwegian pop starlet Alexandra Joner, joined our customer night. And “Kamille” was following her around that day.

The “Kamille” photographer, Nina Ruud, took a bunch of photos while they were there. But I didn’t think they would use the ones with Lise and me in them. I was wrong!

Manillusion customer night is always a lot of fun. See for yourselves! ;)
I was wearing my absolute favourite item for this year, my studded leather vest. And my Harley Davidson boots.

Alexandra is wearing All that glitters is gold dress and zombie pumps, everything from Manillusion. :)

I’m in a Nemi comic strip!

Today’s Nemi comic strip is actually based on one of my Facebook statuses from this summer. Although Lise Myhre, the creator of Nemi, wasn’t with me when it happened, she has captured the awkwardness of the moment I described in the status.

I ♥ IT!

Here’s the jist of my FB status:
Cashier at Vinmonopolet (local wine shop): Are you punk? (The meaning of this in Norway is a person who subscribes to the punk subculture, not a brat or a hoodlum.)
Me: No.
Cashier at Vinmonopolet (local wine shop): Mkay…

Check out the comic strip here. Did you know you can buy Nemi in many different languages? It’s awesome! And especially today ;)

I was probably wearing something like this when the incident occured:

Oslo Fright Fest 2012

** Edited 18.09.12: **
Oslo Fright Fest has been postponed. New dates will be announced later, within a month or two.

The second edition of Oslo Fright Fest will be held at Vika Kino this year. This means 3 movie theaters ram packed with horror, gore, sci-fi and madness. Yay! Can’t wait!

I’ve seen a couple of the movies they will be screening, like Army Of Darkness, Hora and Livide.

Livide is a beautiful yet quirky little movie, made by the directors of Inside (a really gruesome French home-invasion movie. If you haven’t seen Inside – shame on you!) Check out the trailer for Livide here, if you dare :mrgreen:

And check out the complete list of movies here. I’m really looking forward to Dredd, Excision, Inside The Whore and watching Livide on a big screen!

See ya there? :wink:

Tronsmo’s backyard sale = Winning!

Every year, Oslo’s most awesome bookshop has this huge backyard sale. If you’re not able to find ONE book there that you want to buy, there’s something wrong with you!

I usually head for the photography section, because Tronsmo has the largest and most interesting photo book selection in Oslo. And the yearly backyard sale always offer a bunch of them for half the price (or less).

I went today with my friend Kris, and she ended up buying two bags full of amazing stuff. So now she has to buy another book case to store them in :razz:

To top of the day, Kris bought me a Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial! Thank you, honeybuns! :wink:

My most precious books from today’s sale:

Roger Ballen – Photographs 1969-2009. He’s known for his dark and disturbing photograps. And they truly are dark and disturbing. Even for me! If you like Die Antwoord, check out their video “I Fink U Freeky”. Roger Ballen has directed that video and has used lots of his own images as inspiration for the video. Check them all out!

Harmony Korine – Pigxote. Harmony Korine is an american film director, producer, screenwriter and author. He wrote the script for the movie Kids (1995) and wrote/directed Gummo (1997), which is one of the weirdest and most disturbing films I’ve ever seen. And of course I loved it! :D The book, Pigxote, brings together forty-nine photographs from Korine’s private archive. Check him out – check out Gummo. And he’s even directed a short movie with Die Antwoord – “Umshini Wam”. It’s awesome!

Dave Cooper – Overbite / Dave Cooper – Underbelly. Overbite is a hardcover art book featuring over 40 of Cooper’s gorgeous oil paintings, each focusing on the female form. Underbelly is a hardcover art book featuring over 50 of Cooper’s luminescent oil paintings and lush drawings, each focusing on the female form. I love these paintings! <3

Here’s Die Antwoord video I Fink U Freeky – directed by Roger Ballen:

And the short film directed by Harmony Korine:


Launch party for TagOslo

Yesterday, I went to the TagOslo launch party at a beautiful little shop in Skovveien, called MagMaLou. Chocolate dipped strawberries and bubbly made sure everybody had a good time. :wink: I went there together with my hubby Knut, my boss – Lise, Rockabully-Tonje and Mette. Here we are at the photo wall (Knut lost and had to take the picture).

TagOslo is the new Norwegian shoe brand I blogged about last week. And my shop, Manillusion, is getting some awesome shoes and boots in a couple of weeks! Yay! And we had to order two new models yesterday. They’re just so damn goodlooking and the leather is in excellent quality.

A bunch of Norwegian celebs aslo went to the launch yesterday, like actress Pia Tjelta, popstarlet Tone Damli Aaberge, singer and designer Mira Craig, actor Henrik Thodesen and his girlfriend Charlotte Thorstvedt.

Good luck, TagOslo. I think you’ve already made a lot of new customers. And more to come! Btw – I really want the light green boots from the Spring collection! ;)

Before we went home, we had a drink at Monarkiet, which is about 200m from Manillusion. And I got hungry, so we stopped by Illegal Burger before we went to bed. That is, by far, the best burger in town!

Check out Rockabully or Manillusion blog for more pictures.

Cakepops, cupcakes, donutpops and piepops!

Today, Lise and I, went to a booklaunch at Bar Tjuvholmen. Tone Oraini Selfors has written a book with 70 recipes for cakepops, cupcakes, donutpops and piepops. Since I cannot eat wheat, I just had to settle for licking the frosting, but I can assure you it was delicious.

The bar was filled with cakemonsters tonight, including the beautiful Heldal sisters – Ingeborg and Anne Dorte, party planner Ronnie Ottem, Stephan Ulvund Øien – makeupartist for Isadora and his boyfriend and artist Kassem Collin Cherry, popstarlet Alexandra Joner and many others. :)

Magical Movie Moments – Moods of Norway

Yesterday was the Moods of Norway runway show at Oslo Fashion Week. I went in my own design – a croc bodysuit, necklace from Tatty Devine and my brand new Alexander McQueen boots. Needless to say – I created quite a stirr at the party. :wink:

I was there with my friend (and boss), Lise, and together we rocked the joint pretty hard. And I am SO thrilled they had both popcorn AND candyfloss! (And ofc, loads of champagne!)

We met lots of gorgeous, beautiful, fun and interesting people there; like the designers themselves (of course), Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan – Ingeborg Heldal (who wore a dress and jacket from Manillusion. Yay!), Elisa Røtterud from Cosmpolitan, Marianne Jemtegård from TV2, fashionista/model/actress Fumi Desalu-Vold, party planner Ronnie Ottem and his hubby Eirik, stylist and makeup artist Stephan Ulvund Øien and his boyfriend Kassem and many many more. ;)